Law Office
in Japan
The Gyoseishoshi Lawyer providing legal services in English in Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto.
Helping with all types of visas and other legal problems.
Tel: 06-6130-8481 Monday ~ Friday 10:00AM~6:00PM



Help you with all types of visas & naturalization.

  • We recommend what visa is the most suitable for you or how to get a visa.
  • We make original legal papers to get your visa easier.

No need to go to the Immigration Office.

  • We apply for your visa and negotiate with Immigration for you.

Help you establish a company.

  • We help you or provide the information about how to start your company smoothly.

Make or check your legal papers.

  • Papers have no legal relevance unless you make the papers according to the laws.
  • We help you with contracts and legal matters when you make major purchases of homes or businesses.

Translation at public offices, etc.

  • We help you at meetings or negotiations with officers or experts like bankers, doctors and so on.

Translating your papers.

Consultation on marriage, divorce, etc.

Support you with legal matters.



  • Please make appointments for consultations through the inquiry form or by phone 06-4981-7439.
  • We can give you precise and useful legal advice after our meeting.

• The first consultation
3,000 yen / hour at our office
• From the second and on
5,000 yen / hour at our office
  • All consultations are held at our office. This ensures a better understanding.
  • If you live overseas and need a certificate of eligibility to get a visa, please inquire by e-mail.
  • If we make a contract, the consultation fees will be refunded.
  • Here is the voice of our clients.


  • Please explain briefly about your problems and introduce yourself when you make your appointment for a consultation. We can prepare prior to your visit so we can save consultation time.
  • We will not take part in any illegal activities.
  • We respect and protect the privacy of our clients.


  • Masayuki Hirai
  • Gyoseishoshi Lawyer certified by the Japanese Government.
  • English National Guide certified by the Japanese Government.

Office Hours: Monday~ Friday: 10AM ~6PM
Phone: 06-6130-8481
Fax: 06-6130-8482
Client: The voice of our clients
Location: See Location Page

Message to clients

We are so glad that people from around the world have decided on staying or trying to stay in Japan. We think that means they are interested in or love our culture, country, people and so on. Many people enjoy being here, but unfortunately some people are having difficult problems. Most of them are not so familiar with Japanese laws and language. That makes things more difficult and the people feel nervous. We started our business to help them legally in English. We think our business is really helpful. If you need our legal services, please contact us with no hesitation. We believe we can help you and resolve your problems, and then you'll have a more pleasurable Japan experience.



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5F, Marui Bldg. 1-3-27, Minamimorimachi,
Kita-ku, Osaka-city, Japan
Our office is about one minute’s walk from Minamimorimachi-station on the Osaka Metro.
Tel: 06-6130-8481 Fax: 06-6130-8482



Consultation fee

  • The first consultation 3,000 yen / hour at our office
  • From the second and on 5,000 yen / hour at our office

Legal fees

  • We can not quote exact legal fees because they depend on your problems and situation. We will tell you the costs after the consultation, then you can decide whether to make a contract or not. If you hire us, the consultation fee will be refunded.