Gan Jian Hui (Singapore)

Gan Jian Hui 様 (シンガポール)


To whom it may concern, I came across Mr. Hirai San’s Law Office on the google during my search for a reputable and trustworthy lawyer. I was looking for a legal representative who can help me get a visa for my externship. Soon after, I contacted Mr. Hirai San about my situation and I was pleased that he already started going through the information and making phone calls even before accepting case. I only knew a little Japanese but Mr. Hirai San’s fluent English allowed us to communicate without much trouble. He also actively updated me regarding the progress as I am physically not in Osaka. After exchanging emails and sending documents, it finally went through. I could not have done this without Mr. Hirai San’s help. He was friendly and definitely capable.  I personally would recommend Mr. Hirai San if any of my juniors are interested in having their externship in Japan. I also strongly recommend using him for your legal matters.

Gan Jian Hui (Singapore)

Gan Jian Hui (シンガポール)

Matteo Pesenti (Italy)

Matteo Pesenti 様 (イタリア)

Madeleine I was looking for a legal adviser who could help me professionally when I came across Mr. Hirai Masayuki’s advertisement, so I contacted him through his e-mail address. Not only did he mail me back in no time, but also provided me with helpful and relevant advice. I must say it couldn’t be any better. Personally speaking, I was impressed by the way Mr. Hirai dealt with this regard. As soon as all the legal documents and forms were ready -which took him a very short time- he came by himself to support me and make sure I could go through the meeting with my counterpart neatly and smoothly. Mr. Hirai’s collaboration was by no doubt fundamental to solving my legal problems. As consultations are available in English as well, I definitely recommend him to anyone who is not keen on Japanese and is just looking for some legal advice, either on visa issues or whatever. I would like to thank Mr. Hirai again for his precious collaboration.
Matteo Pesenti (Italy)

Matteo Pesenti (イタリア)

Madeleine David Jean (France)

Madeleine David Jean 様 (フランス)

Madeleine Hi, I’m French, and I’m so happy to have found Mr. Hirai! He was so helpful and he did his best for me. It was so hard for me to get a visa, so he showed me the best way to get it, and told me what kind of paper was better to do or if it was not good. He worked also weekend to help me when we needed to meet! Thank you so much!!
Madeleine David Jean (France)

Madeleine David Jean (フランス)